As to what kind of magazine Dark Wood will be, that depends on you.  But we know what we'd want it to be: an amalgam of a really good literary journal like Tin House and a local weekly published by an inspired bookish editor living in hiding in some magically weird and wonderful town unbound by standard rules of time and space. 


So send us your stuff---not only stories, poems, essays, pensées, photographs, photo essays, illustration, and comic strips, but pitches for columns.  We've already got a few lined up---

a w(h)ine column, an advice column, and a column written by a very perceptive (and bilingual) baby. But we'd love to have more. 


And if you're at the end of your rope or up the creek without a paddle, consider writing to our very perceptive advice columnist, Miss Ruby Gulch.  She's helped many a troubled soul see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


We're looking for contributors for our new online quarterly, Dark Wood. The first issue will appear this summer. 
In the middle of our life's journey,
I found myself in a dark wood...

Iain McCaig © Dark Wood

For more information on how and what to submit, go to -- well, Submit.