The first issue's theme is The Historic Moment.  But how that moment is defined is up to you.  Your submission can be about current events, or the past, or even the future.  It can be about a big public moment---the toppling of the Berlin Wall, say---or a private one, like the birth of a child.  It can be about an imaginary event or a real one. 


We are also looking for ideas for columns and comic strips.  We'd prefer columns that are perhaps a little eccentric --- we'd love to see obits written about fictional people, for instance.  Or ads for products that don't exist (but should).  As for comic strips, we love artists like Lynda Barry and Kate Beaton. Invent a world for us, please.


Send all submissions to Miss Judith Gapp at 


Deadline is May 15, 2017. Early submissions encouraged.